Shing Lyu


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A Python interpreter written in Rust

Firefox Quantum - CSS engine

A completely overhauled Firefox engine, super-fast and stable. I help port the Rust-based CSS engine from Servo into Gecko (Firefox’s engine), and bring the automated test into place.

The Servo Parallel Browser Engine
[Source Code]

Servo is a prototype web browser engine focus on parallism, security, and performance; written in the Rust language. I’m the core team reviewer of this project.

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1000+ daily active users! Block websites for a given time to help you focus on work/study.

Itinerary Viewer
[Source Code]

Travel planner tool suite. Automaticall search for maps, direction and export as printable PDF and digital map file

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Adds basic vim commands to Firefox 48+ (with e10s & WebExtension).

[Source Code]

Markdown slideshow system based on Remark, with live-refresh and exporting to a single HTML file


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Mozilla Integrated Tools Package. An all-in-one testing tool for Firefox ecosystem. You can flash phones, run Firefox OS phone or TV simulators, and run automated tests in this package. Greatly reduce the time and effort of setting up a testing enviornment.

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Next generation MozTrap, Mozilla’s test case management database. Using Google Spreadsheet to manage test cases and execute them in MozTrap. Greatly imporve the readability and maintainablity of test cases

MozTrap Duplication Finder
[Source Code]

Using machine learning to find duplicated or redundent test cases on MozTrap, our test case management database.

[Source Code]

A useful experimental Bugzilla client demonstrating modern Web application technologies such as CSS3, DOM4, HTML5, ECMAScript 6 and WAI-ARIA

[Source Code]

MozTrap is the test case managment system for Mozilla. I am expanding its REST API for new UI design.

MozTrap New UI
[Source Code]

A new frontend UI for MozTrap. Improved searchablity; Better suite and test case managment and diff’ing test cases online


Add those missing functionalities to MozTrap ( ).

Bugzilla Summarizer
[Source Code]

A visualization for Bugzilla’s history

Firefox OS Apps & Add-ons

Unread Icon (Fireofx OS Add-on)
[Source Code]

Show unread messages counts on Firefox OS homescreen icons. Winner of the 2015 Firefox OS Add-on Hackathon – Most Useful Award. Featured in this Mozilla Hack Blog article

Back Button (Fireofx OS Add-on)
[Source Code]

Add an global back button to Firefox OS

Reader Mode
[Source Code]

Cleanup the clutters on webpages for better reading experience

Tip Calculator
[Source Code]

Help you calculate restaurant tips

HTML5 Roulette
[Source Code]

A lucky draw roulette created using HTML5 technology. [App version]


Alarm you when the battery if fully charged. Never over-charge your battery again! Over 2600 downloads

Taipei MRT Map

An offline map for Taipei MRT


A simple timer for a 4-minute tabata workout with voice reminders (remember to turn up the volume).

Firefox (Desktop) Add-ons

Move Active Tab To Left

Move active tab to the left end, so recent tabs cluster to the left side.


Organize your bookmarks with ease in a kanban-style layout

BzDeck (Firefox Add-on)
[Source Code]

Redirect you to BzDeck when you open a bugzilla link

Coursera Autoplay

Auto skip in-video quizes and continue to the next video when current video ends.

Side Projects

Music Explorer
[Source Code]

Recommend a variety of music to expand your music repertoire, e.g. Classical, Opera, Jazz, Chinese.

Asia Tech Conferences

A list of tech conferences in Aisa I collected

HTML5 Countdown Timer
[Source Code]

A simple countdown timer with audio and flashing light.


An cloud-based editor for presentation slides using Markdown syntax.

[Source Code]

Markdown slideshow system based on Reveal.js, runs locally without the need for a web server


The Figured Bass

A music education startup that tries to help students learn music theories with our automatic grading system.

ASCII Oscilloscope running on Raspberry Pi

This oscilloscope can display the audio input as ASCII art in realtime. A commssioned work for a design student’s graduation project (2012).


A Semi-automatic Computer Expressive Music Performance System Using Structural Support Vector Machine

Master Thesis, National Taiwan University, Jun 2014

JCMG Corpus for Computer Experssive Music Performance

Piano performance corpus for computer expressive music performance research.

Computer Expressive Music Performance By Phrase-wise Modeling

by Hermes Shing Lyu and Shyh-Kang Jeng,
International Workshop on Computer Music and Audio Technology, 2012.

Automatic Saliency Inspired Foreground Object Extraction from Videos

by Wei-te Li, Huei-tang Chang, Hermes Shing Lyu, and Yu-chiang Frank Wang,
IEEE International Conference of Image Processing, 2012

Classical music composition style clustering

2013 Data Mining Final Project

Dynamic Hedging of Stock Index with Warrants by MGARCH-BEKK Model

2013 Multivariate Statistical Analysis Final Project

Augmented Reality Digital Signage

2012 Embedded System Experiment Final Project

Offline Music-to-Score Alignment for Orchestral Music

2011 Special Project

Musical Source Separation Using Average Harmonic Models

2009 Multimedia Signal Processing Final Projects