Shing Lyu

Video Courses

Building Reusable Code with Rust
Packt Publishing (ISBN: 9781788399524)
Also on: Udemy, Safari Books, Packt


Slides for my presentations

2019/02/03 FOSDEM (video)
RustPython: a Python implementation in Rust (with Windel Bouwman)

2017/12/20 Internal Tech Talk, Amsterdam
What's inside the new Firefox Quantum?

2017/8/16 SITCON Camp speaker, Taipei

2017/8/6 COSCUP speaker, Taipei
Rust Hands-on Workshop

2017/8/6 COSCUP speaker, Taipei
Python Interpreter in Rust

2017/7/21 HackNTU Hackathon mentor, Taipei

2017/3/22 Taipei Mozilla Community speaker
The Future of Firefox -- Project Quantum

2017/3/18 SITCON (Student's IT Conference) speaker, Taipei
The Future of Firefox -- Project Quantum

2017/1/7 Rust Beginner Workshop host and mentor, Taipei

2016/10/19 Speaker at EE dept., National Taiwan University, Taipei
"How it feels like to be a browser hacker?"

2016 Taipei Rust Meetup and Study Group lecturer

2016 Taiwan Code Sprint mentor
Mentoring new contributors to fix Servo bugs

2016 Modern Web Conf speaker
"Servo, the parallel browser engine"

2016 COSCUP speaker
"Servo, the parallel browser engine" at Conference for Open Source Coders, Users and Promoters (click the title for slides)

2015 MozLando Firefox OS All-hands speaker, Orlando
Talking about Firefox OS Add-ons

2015 NCU academy program lecturer, Taoyuan
Teaching undergrads about software testing and JavaScript unit testing at "Implementation and SDLC of Web Apps" class at National Central Univesity

2015 NTU Open Source Club workshop speaker, Taipei
Hosting the Firefox OS Hands-on Workshop at National Taiwan University Open Source Club

Guest Posts

把 Chrome Extension 移到 Firefox 上
Published on Mozilla Taiwan's offical Medium blog

Building an iOS-style “Unread Notifications” add-on for Firefox OS
Published on Mozilla Hacks

Where am I?-Part III-用 Geolocation API 以及 Offline Storage 實現導航與離線儲存
Published on Mozilla Tech Blog

自己的瀏覽器自己改 (Part I) -利用Firefox Addon SDK開發簡單的附加元件
Published on Mozilla Tech Blog


Technical BKMs (Best Known Methods)
Guides to install and configure software development environments

The Servo Browser Engine -- A Learner's Notebook


A Semi-automatic Computer Expressive Music Performance System Using Structural Support Vector Machine
Master Thesis, National Taiwan University, Jun 2014

Computer Expressive Music Performance By Phrase-wise Modeling
by Hermes Shing Lyu and Shyh-Kang Jeng,
International Workshop on Computer Music and Audio Technology, 2012.

Automatic Saliency Inspired Foreground Object Extraction from Videos
by Wei-te Li, Huei-tang Chang, Hermes Shing Lyu, and Yu-chiang Frank Wang,
IEEE International Conference of Image Processing, 2012