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New Rust Course - Building Reuseable Code with Rust

My first ever video course is now live on Udemy, Safari Books and Packt. It really took me a long time and I’d love to share with you what I’ve prepared for you.

What’s this course about?

This course is about the Rust programming language, but it’s not those general introductory course on basic Rust syntax. This course focus on the code reuse aspect of the Rust language. So we won’t be touch every language feature, but we’ll help you understand how a selected set of features will help you achieve code reuse.

What’s so special about it?

Since these course is not a general introduction course, it is structured in a way that is bottom-up and help you learn how the features are actually used out in the wild.

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Chatting with your website visitors through Chatra

When I started the blog, I didn’t add a message board below each article because I don’t have the time to deal with spam. Due to broken windows theory, if I leave the spam unattended my blog will soon become a landfill for spammers. But nowadays many e-commerce site or brand sites have a live chatting box, which will solve my problem because I can simply ignore spam, while interested readers can ask questions and provide feedbacks easily. That’s why when my sponsor,, approached me with their great tool, I fell in love with it right away and must share it with everyone.

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How to Unit Test WebExtensions

We all know that unit-testing is a good software engineering practice, but sometimes the hassle of setting up the testing environment will keep us from doing it in the first place. After Firefox 57, WebExtension has become the new standard for writing add-ons for Firefox. How do you set up everything to start testing your WebExtension-based add-ons?

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貢獻開源專案是一個提高自己技能的好機會,同時也能提昇自己在軟體界的能見度與溝通技巧。以下是我貢獻 Mozilla 的 Servo 瀏覽器引擎的一些心得,提供想要一探開源的新手一些方向。

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Merge Pull Requests without Merge Commits

By default, GitHub’s pull request (or GitLab’s merge request) will merge with a merge commit. That means your feature branch will be merged into the master by creating a new commit, and both the feature and master branch will be kept.

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