Shing Lyu

Minimal React.js Without A Build Step (Updated)

Back in 2016, I wrote a post about how to write a React.js page without a build step. If I remember correctly, at that time the official React.js site have very little information about running React.js without [Webpack][webpack], [in-browser Babel transpiler][babel] is not very stable and they are deprecating JSXTransformer.js. After the post my focus turned to browser backend projects and I haven’t touch React.js for a while. Now after 1.5 years, when I try to update one of [my React.js project][itinerary-viewer], I notice that the official site now has a clearer instruction on how to use React.js without a build step. So I’m going to write an update the post here.

You can find the example code on GitHub.

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Taking notes with MkDocs

I’ve been using TiddlyWiki for note-taking for a few years. I use them to keep track of my technical notes and checklists. TiddlyWiki is a brilliant piece of software. It is a single HTML file with a note-taking interface, where the notes you take are stored directly in the HTML file itself, so you can easily carry (copy) the file around and easily deploy it online for sharing. However, most modern browsers don’t allow web pages to access the filesystem, so in order to let TiddlyWiki save the notes, you need to rely on browser extensions or Dropbox integration service like TiddlyWiki in the Sky. But they still have some frictions.

So recently I started to look for other alternatives for note-taking.

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Make LastPass Work Across App and Website

The Problem: My stock broker outsourced their Android app to a third-party company, so LastPass treat the desktop website and Android app as different sites. Although I can save them separately in LassPass, their password won’t synchronize with each other.

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Porting Chrome Extension to Firefox

Three years ago, I wrote the FocusBlocker to help me focus on my master thesis. It’s basically a website blocker that stops me from checking Facebook every five minute. But is different from other blockers like LeechBlock that requires you to set a fixed schedule. FocusBlocker lets you set a quota, e.g. I can browse 10 minutes of Facebook then block it for 50 minutes. So as long as you have remaining quota, you can check Facebook anytime. I’m glad that other people find it useful, and I even got my first donation through AMO because of happy users.

Since this extension serves my need, I’m not actively maintaining it or adding new features. But I was aware of Firefox’s transition from the legacy Add-on SDK to WebExtension API. So before WebExtension API is fully available, I started to migrate it to Chrome’s extension format. But I didn’t got the time to actually migrate it back to Firefox, until a user emails me asking for a WebExtension version. I looked into the statistics, the daily active user count drops from ~1000 to ~300. That’s when I rolled up my sleeve and actually migrated it in one day. (Although later I found out that the drop is not entirely due to users upgrading to newer Firefox, is because of this change.) Here is how I did it and what I’ve learned from the process.

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祝大家退役愉快。護照上如果有退役前的「持照人出國應經核准,尚未履行兵役義務」章,雖然還是可以出國,但是據說海關要查比較久,而且可能會要求出示退役證明,所以還是去註銷比較方便。我是 2017 七月去辦的,最新規定請直接詢問外交部 (聯絡方式與營業時間)。另外以下是研發替代役的規定,其他兵種不確定,但應該差不多。

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