Shing Lyu

Counting your contribution to a git repository

By Shing Lyu    

Disclaimer: This content reflects my personal opinions, not those of any organizations I am or have been affiliated with. Code samples are provided for illustration purposes only, use with caution and test thoroughly before deployment.

Sometimes you may wonder, how many commits or lines of code did I contributed to a git repository? Here are some easy one liners to help you count that.

Number of commits

Let’s start with the easy one: counting the number of commits made by one user.

The easiest way is to run

git shortlog -s

This gives you a list of commit counts by user:

2  Grant Lindberg
9  Jonathan Hao
2  Matias Kinnunen
65  Shing Lyu
4  Shou Ya
1  wildsky
1  wildskyf

(The example comes from shinglyu/QuantumVim.)

If you only care about one user you can use

git rev-list HEAD --author="Shing Lyu" --count 

, which prints 65.

Let’s explain how this works:

Count the line of insertion and deletions by a user

Insertion and deletions are a little bit tricker. This is what I came up with:

git log --author=Shing --pretty=tformat: --numstat | grep -v '^-' | awk '{ add+=$1; remove+=$2 } END { print add, remove }' 

This might seem a little bit daunting, but we’ll break it up into steps:

Other alternatives

There are many other off-the-shelf scrips that will help you calculate contribution statistics. Like git-quick-stats, git-fame and git-fame-rb. But if you only want a quick-and-easy solution please give it a try.

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